TOTAL Ministries
Telling Others They Are Loved


OUR MISSION: TOTAL Ministries shares the love of God by assisting our neighbors in Spartanburg County who are facing financial hardships.

OUR PURPOSE: TOTAL Ministries is an extension of the servant ministry of local cooperating Christian congregations.

OUR VISION: Every citizen of Spartanburg County knows they are loved and the needs of self and family are met.

OUR STATEMENT OF BELIEF: We believe integrity in thought and action is how we best serve Christ and humanity. Living authentically is how we put Christian faith into action. We believe everyone has value and deserves to be treated fairly. Our program participants are the focus of everything we do. They are not interruptions. We believe volunteers are our strength. Who gets credit for a job well done is not as important as realizing that volunteers and staff are all a part of the same team, working for the same goals. We encourage creativity, innovation, and commitment.

OUR UNDERLYING SCRIPTURE: "Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these My brothers, you did it to Me."                                     Matthew 25:40 ESV


TOTAL Ministries receives tax-deductible contributions from people just like you.
  • 35% of our funding comes from individual donors.
  • 29% of our funding comes from local church support, primarily as local missions.
  • 10% of our funding comes from the United Way of the Piedmont
  • 10% of our funding comes from the foundations that manage donations from Duke Energy
  • 9% of our funding comes from foundation grants
  • 4% of our funding comes from local business
  • 3% of our funding comes from local civic clubs, business associations, and schools
  • 85 cents of each dollar goes to helping people
  • 10 cents of each dollar goes to management costs (ex., insurance, audits, filing fees)
  • 5 cents of each dollar goes to fundraising costs (ex., quarterly newsletter, postage for receipts)

Our annual budget is about $400,000 a year and we interview over 4500 households every year. 

We are able to do this through the committed volunteers who help TOTAL and hold down our costs of staffing.

Contributions of food, hygiene items, office supplies also contribute to holding down our costs of operations.

Every year we see families in a financial crisis who have been placed in a bad situation despite their best efforts to overcome obstacles. Typical types of assistance include:       

  • Preventing loss of utility services(electric, gas, water)
  • Providing heating assistance in the winter
  • Providing food
  • Covering the costs of life-sustaining medications
  • Assistance with obtaining identification papers to start work or find social services assistance (birth certificate, social security card, and picture i.d.)
  • Traveler's Aid for Spartanburg County (stranded travelers)